Business Accounting Process(BAP) - Executive

ArthaVidhya redefines skill development training by its innovative concept of VIRTUAL OFFICE. The course is Online, Interactive and Job oriented, that enables students to learn and practice the accounting processes performed across enterprises in India.

Students will be made to work as a finance person in the virtual office, carrying out various transactions in a simulated environment. It helps users in understanding process steps and documentation requirements to complete multiple and complex corporate transactions.

The course is GST compliant. GST learning module, helps students to understand the concepts of GST, implication & its structure with examples. Students will carry out GST based transactions while working in the virtual office

As the course is online, students can do the course from anywhere and at anytime.

Upon completion of the course, the student would have learnt to apply the accounting concepts that a corporate enterprise requires.
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Benefits to the Student

  • Builds confidence in students to face interviews.
  • Industry relevant curriculum created by industry experts.
  • Gain complete process knowledge by doing the course.
  • Perform 32+ accounting process covering over 150+ transactions.
  • Practice and gain internship experience equivalent to 6 months.
  • Learn each process in detail including process steps, documents that initiate processes, documents referenced during process execution, worksheets created and output documents
  • Learn about the roles of various persons involved in execution of the process.
  • Get hints/Reports/FAQs.to identify and improve on mistakes.
  • Have chance to repeat the process till it is completed successfully without mistakes.
  • Receive a Certificate upon successful completion of the course.
Eligibility & duration

  • Minimum Qualification is 10+2
  • Students pursuing or completed B.Com / M.Com / BBA /BBM/ MBA/ or Students pursuing CWA/ CA/ CS or accountants aspiring to improve skills in finance and accounting.
  • Recommended course duration is 60 hrs.
Course Content
GST Learning Module
Investments and loans into business Includes Accounting for Capital and Loans received.
Purchase booking Includes Accounting for Vendor Advance payment, Raw material and capital goods purchases & purchase return.
Invoicing and sales booking Includes Accounting for receipt of advance from customer, credit sales & sales return.
Banking transactions Includes Accounting for fund transfer between banks.
Receipts Includes Accounting for collection from customers against sales.
Payments Includes Accounting for payment to supplier against purchases.
Period closure Includes bank reconciliation, accounting for provisions, depreciation.
Introduction to Softskills
Communication Skills
Personal Effectiveness Skills
Interview Skills

Our course corresponds to the National Occupation Standards (NOS) prescribed by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and the corresponding Qualification Packs or Job roles identified by the Sector skill Councils of NSDC and fall within the NSQF standards.

Sector Skill Council Qualification Pack Code
BFSI BSC / Q 0901
BFSI BSC / Q 1001
Online course – Fees - Rs.6000 + GST@18%
  1. The student has to have access to PC and internet.
  2. Course support will be provided through online Chat.

Course at ArthaVidhya Centre / Franchisee Centre – Fees - Rs.7500 + GST@18%
  1. Course to be conducted at the Centre / Franchisee.
  2. Infrastructure for course Viz., PC, Internet etc will be provided by the centre.
  3. Course support will be provided by the trained Facilitator.