Budding Professional - Foundation Program

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This program focuses on “Campus to Corporate” transition for students who are in the final year and who will soon be commencing their career.

Most forms of our education system focus on subject expertise (CONTENT). The heavily loaded curriculum does not enable the system to prepare individuals for practical aspects of creating a “wholesome” life for themselves. This requires focus on “CONTEXT” and working with different context.

Programmes in "Life Skills" enable people to make this transition. Wholesomeness in life requires adequate, though not equal, focus on various roles that we have. This includes professional and personal life -- and various roles that we hold in both spaces.

This requires competencies in:
  • 1. Trusting oneself / Self-worth
  • 2. Authentic communication
  • 3. Managing conflicts
  • 4. Investing in relationships
  • 5. Engaging with various systems – primary and secondary
  • 6. Focus on goals and priorities
  • 7. Managing time
  • 8. Building balance that is relevant and wholesome for oneself
  • 9. Conscious investing on self (personal growth)






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