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Empowering students though self-diagnosis, of their skills, and “learn by doing” approach to enhance skills and career opportunities

More than 4 million students graduate every year but less than 30% are employable! For commerce students to be job ready, they need to have the right resources to prepare and enough knowledge to choose the right job. At ArthaVidhya, we contribute to enhancing employability by designing efficient assessment, learning approach and career oriented content that empower students to get the right job, at the right time! What’s more, linkages with companies ensure placement assistance to students.

ArthaVidhya college engagement starts with administering the Skill Gap Assessment Test (SGAP) for students, jointly with the college authorities at the college campus. This assessment helps students to get understanding of their skill level and ascertain the employability quotient. The SGAP report provides a measure of the student’s strengths and weaknesses in academic, process, analytical and software skills.

The assessment is followed by a career counselling session. After this, interested students are enrolled for the recommended course. All campus training programs are conducted, after college hours, at the college campus, for the convenience of students.

Benefits for colleges

  • Highly evolved vocational skill development program to enhance and empower students.
  • Assessment provides insights into the employment readiness of the college students across branches, degrees etc.
  • Better placement results as students are now job ready..!
  • Placement assistance is provided to students
  • Enhance brand value and visibility for the college, results in higher and enhanced quality of student intake.

Placement assistance for students

Companies have begun to hire ArthaVidhya Certified Finance Professionals as they have discovered the value that these professionals bring to the table -practical knowledge and increased proficiency! What's more, organizations have realized that these 'experienced' candidates do not need any further domain training and are productive from Day 1 itself!


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