Why is this course required?

The students learn theoretical information about finance and accounting in the college. There is no practicals for commerce students in the college and the students are not exposed to actual working environment in corporate.

ArthaVidhya course is designed completely as a practical course to enhance job readiness of commerce students. Students are made to work in a virtual corporate environment in the course, to ensure they understand how the finance and accounting department works in any corporate.
What is this course about?

The course is designed to help the commerce students to understand how they are supposed to work in finance and accounting department in a corporate. While doing the course, the student will be made to work as a finance person, in a virtual corporate environment. The processes followed in any company in finance and accounting is simulated and students will do the transactions in these processes
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How many Accounting process are defined in the course?

Around 32+ processes in BAP-Exec & 60+ processes in BAP - Exec PLUS  course
Students will have gained knowledge of accounting in colleges. Then why is this course required?

Students would have gained theoretical knowledge in the college. There will be no corporate exposure to the students. ArthaVidhya will help students to develop skill in processes followed in finance and accounting function in corporate.

ArthaVidhya believes that practical hands on training is the best way to enhance job readiness of the student
In what way this course is different from Tally?

Tally is a software for recording the accounting work done by an accountant. Whereas in ArthaVidhya course,  Student will learn step by step process required for working in finance and accounting in a corporate
Is the course content relevant for the industry?

Our course corresponds to the National Occupation Standards (NOS) prescribed by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and the corresponding Qualification Packs or Job roles identified by the Sector skill Councils of NSDC and fall within the NSQF standards.
Will this course help if the student wants to join a company where SAP / Oracle / People Soft / or any other ERP is implemented?

The course is focused on the fundamental process to be followed by the finance person while working in a corporate. Whichever the ERP being used in the company ….the fundamentals of accounting and the process to be followed remain same across
What is the learning methodology?

The course is designed like a game. Student will be guided from the start to the end to move from one stage to another automatically.

Students have to complete the transactions successfully to move from one process to another. Students will earn points on successful completion, which will be added to the final grade secured.

Does the course require any software or application to be installed in the PC?

No need to install any software or any application in the PC for doing the course.
This course is completely online and requires a PC ( windows 7 + Google chrome browser ) and internet connectivity continuously while doing the course

How is this course different from other online courses?

Normally, online courses involve downloading study materials, watching video lectures, taking exams.
Whereas ArthaVidhya is completely practical and interactive course where the student will be made to work in a virtual office environment. As the students have already gained theoritical knowledge in the college, there is nothing to study in the course.

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is specified in hours. BAP-Exec - 60 hours & BAP-Exec PLUS - 120 hours

What kind of internet connectivity is required?

Any Broadband connection is sufficient for doing the course.

What is covered in the course?

The covers various transactions the finance person is expected to do at entry level in a corporate. For more detailed info click on the link below... 

BAP Executive PLUShttp://arthavidhya.com/basic-corporate-processes-in-accounting.php

BAP Executivehttps://arthavidhya.com/bap_executive.php

How can the first time users know how to go about with the course?

The students are guided automatically throughout the course. Instructions at every step and Videos about the course will help students understand on the navigation. Incase the student needs more information, they may connect with our support team on live chat.
How does the student start the course?

After subscription the student will start the course with Skill gap test. On completion of the test, student will be guided to form the virtual company of their own and then start working for their company by doing the transactions.
How can a student know about the process before starting the transaction?

Animated process videos will help student understand doing the transactions step by step.  Student can go through the process videos before starting the transaction.
What is the timing for doing the course?

As the course is online, the student may do the course anytime 24/7. The chat support facility will be available between 8am and 10pm on all 365 days.
Will there be theory classes?

There are no theory classes. The course is completely practical and the student will be made to work in a virtual environment. While doing the transactions, there are "I" buttons in blue. Clicking these buttons will open the information about that particular step or Transaction or document.
Does the student get study material?

No study material is given as this course is practical and student will be working in a virtual environment.
What if the student does a mistake in the process?

The course is designed to help the student learn by making mistakes. Immediately after completing the transaction, the mistakes are displayed and highlighted on the screen. Student can repeat the transaction again.

Can the mistakes be corrected?

Correction of mistakes is not allowed as this is a course. The student has to repeat the transaction. This will help the students to get job ready, i.e., doing transactions without mistakes.

Can the student select which ever process they want while doing the course?

The processes are locked initially. The locks will get opened only when the transaction of the previous process is completed successfully. Hence the flow is predefined for doing the transactions for the first time. After the locks are opened the students can do any process they want.

If internet gets disconnected and transaction stops half the way, can the transaction be continued?

Student doesn't need to worry about internet disconnection or PC switching off. After the internet connection is restored the student can restart the transaction.

How are the assessments / evaluation conducted?

Student starts the course with a skill gap assessment to understand the job readiness level before starting the course. After completing each module, the student has to take interim evaluation. Once all the modules are completed, there will be final evaluation, VIVA & Job readiness assessment

How can a student know that the skill has improved after completing the course?

The student will take initial skill gap test before starting the course and a similar job readiness assessment after completing the course. The student can see the improvement comparing these reports.

Will the student get a certificate after completing the course?

On successful completion of the course, a certificate with the logo of ArthaVidhya & NSDC, mentioning the grade secured by the student, the Qualification standards of the course will be issued duly signed by the course Director,

If the student has to attend college during the daytime and can't do the course during the day…... how to go about?

As the course is online, it is flexible for the student to do the course anytime (24/7) based on the convenience of the student. The chat support facility will be available between 8am and 10pm on all days.

If the student is from a remote location or a tier three city, how can they do the course?

The student doesn't need to move out of their location to do the course. All they need is a PC and internet connection. The student can do the course from anywhere and at any time.

Are the students exposed to financial reports namely Balance Sheet, P&L etc.,?

Yes.Various financial reports Viz., Balance sheet, P&L report, inventory report, day book etc. can be viewed by the student for their virtual company while they are doing the course. After completing every single transaction, students may view the reports to understand how each transaction impacts on the Balance sheet or P&L.