For Students - To ensure that every student gets an equal opportunity to build a career.

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I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

Today, in any work place, knowledge is not enough, experience-based learning has become crucial! Most college students have no idea of how theory works in practice.

Today, more and more employers are concerned about the lack of availability of skilled workforce and plunging levels of productivity. These employers continue to face numerous challenges in getting the right candidates due to the lack of relevant industry skill training imparted to students at educational institutions.

While campus offerings are tuned to academia under a predefined syllabus prescribed by universities, ArthaVidhya offers an intensive process based training to enable students understand corporate process requirements in the shared services/finance and accounting. The course aims to up-skill the participants to take more challenges on the job and to prepare students for job and career with confidence.

Career Oriented Course Content:
Includes business processes covering actual workflow scenarios experienced in a business enterprise. The course content is designed to make it relevant for the industry. With this course, students will get a head-start in their career.

Designed by experienced professionals:
The course is designed by professionals in the respective functional domains with a broad collective industry experience. They understand the gaps between skill acquired in college and skill expected in industry.

Virtual or Simulated Office environment:
Our Virtual office environment offers students with a practical ‘learn by doing’ approach to train on functional process. Students can practice until they attain the highest level of proficiency.

Our experience-based program is totally practical and job-oriented. Students are provided with opportunity not just to learn but also practice in a simulated office environment. A simulated office environment allows students to practice in a risk-free setting before applying them in the real world. Effectively, students gain practical skills and knowledge, enhance their abilities and ease their entry into the workforce and also gain a competitive edge in their workplaces.

Benefits for Students
  • Practical approach makes students job-ready.
  • Gives students the confidence to face interviews.
  • Empowers students to compete on even terms in the job market.
  • Enables participants to be on par or even outperform peers at their workplaces.
  • Be productive at your workplace from Day 1.
  • Easily affordable.

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